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A Magical Return to Oz!

A Magical Return to Oz! Hey there, kids! Get ready for some exciting news about the amazing comeback of “The Wiz” on Broadway! Let’s dive into the enchanting world of Oz and see what’s in store for us.

The Wonderful World of Oz

Let’s start by taking a special look at the fantastic land of Oz! There’s a fantastic show coming to Broadway called “The Wiz.” Imagine a magical place filled with colorful characters like Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tinman, the Lion, Glinda, and Evillene. These cool actors and actresses, like Nichelle Lewis and Avery Wilson, will bring these characters to life. It’s going to be a treat for our eyes!

Meet the Wiz

You know, every great story needs a mysterious character, and in “The Wiz,” that’s the Wiz himself. Right now, Alan Mingo Jr. is wowing everyone on a tour, but soon, the super talented Wayne Brady will take over the role on Broadway. The Wiz adds some magic and mystery to Dorothy’s exciting adventure.

A Blast from the Past

“The Wiz” is like a time-traveling musical! It first appeared on Broadway in 1975 and won seven fancy awards, including Best Musical. It ran for four years – that’s a long time! There’s even a movie from 1978 with famous stars like Diana Ross and Michael Jackson. It’s like a pop culture treasure hunt!

Back to Broadway

Guess what? “The Wiz” is making a big comeback! This is the first time it’s returning to Broadway since 1984. Schele Williams and JaQuel Knight, who’s known for working with Beyoncé, are the creative geniuses behind the scenes. They want to keep the magic alive while adding some new twists!

Meet the Behind-the-Scenes Team

Making a show is like cooking up a delicious recipe. The creators of “The Wiz” are using the original book by William F. Brown and the music by Charlie Smalls. But they’re also adding some fresh ingredients from writer Amber Ruffin and other talented folks. It’s like mixing old and new to create something awesome!

Dancing Magic

Get ready to move and groove! The dancing in “The Wiz” is going to be a mix of ballet, jazz, and modern pop. JaQuel Knight is the dance master, and he knows how to make you want to dance along. It’s like a cool dance party on stage!

Sing Along with the Classics

The music in “The Wiz” is like a treasure chest of tunes. You might hear a song called “Everybody Rejoice” with Luther Vandross’ amazing voice and another one called “Emerald City Ballet” with music by Timothy Graphenreed. These songs are like musical time machines that bring the past into the present.

The Super Cool Ensemble

Besides the main characters, there’s a whole group of talented people called the ensemble. They’re like the supporting actors who make everything look and sound awesome. Names like Maya Bowles, Shayla Alayre Caldwell, and many more – together, they’re going to make the show unforgettable!

A New Oz Adventure

“The Wiz” is not just a repeat; it’s like a brand-new adventure in Oz. The creators are using old and new ideas to make it super special for everyone watching. It’s like putting on a fresh coat of paint on a favorite picture – same but even more exciting!

Time to Celebrate

In the end, get ready to celebrate because “The Wiz” is coming back, Magical Retun To OZ and it’s going to be amazing! With great actors, awesome dancing, and a mix of old and new, this show is going to be a big party. So, put on your imaginary ruby slippers and get ready to ease on down the road with “The Wiz” – it’s going to be a blast!